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Our founder Sabrina Reid has always had a passion for baking. For years she tried new recipes, baking anything and everything, but she just wasn't satisfied. Sabrina decided she was going to perfect the classic chocolate chip cookie and baked every single day for months until her cookie was THE BEST cookie that had ever touched anyone’s taste buds. She was thrilled when her friends and family confirmed that indeed it was “the best cookie they had ever tasted.”

Unique Ingredients

The classic chocolate chip cookie turned into a ginormous, gourmet stuffed cookie with unique ingredients that blend oh so perfectly together. Just like that, Sabrina’s passion for baking turned into Cookie Craving Co. That’s when the journey began and she has never looked back. 


“I love to gather with friends and family, especially in my kitchen,” says Sabrina. “Baking these cookies has allowed me to spread that love beyond my home.”

We proudly use the highest-quality ingredients in abundance to ensure our customers are always left craving more. 

Our mission is simple. We want every person who bites into one of our cookies to say without a doubt that this is the best cookie they’ve ever tasted.

Our vision is to satisfy Cookie Cravings all over the world. 

Love at first bite